Summer Heights High

I have to give Bailey C. 110% credit for discovering this gem via HBOGo.  Summer Heights High is filmed in a mockumentary-style format with all of the characters being performed by Chris Lilley (think Tyler Perry but actually funny): Ja’mie, Mr. G, and Jonah.  The show was released in Australia in 2007 with 8 total episodes.  Bailey and I’s future show is going to be very similar to this and Chris Lilley’s other show, Angry Boys.

Lucky for us you can watch FULL episodes of Summer Heights High via YouTube.  I have embedded all 8 episodes below! Major shout-out to YouTube user Lisajj81 for uploading this magical show in full to her channel–without her we would not be watching (and no, I do not know her)!

You’re welcome!



2 thoughts on “Summer Heights High

  1. haha!!! This show is a gem, indeed! Nice to know that there’s still some good stuff out there, unlike some “comedy”…(*cough*cough*- Tyler Perry)….

    Posted by Bailey | March 8, 2012, 9:41 am
  2. This show is hysterical! I love Mr. G!

    Posted by musingsofamusiclover | January 10, 2013, 9:28 am

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