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The Long Ride to Work…Countdown: OVER! — Today is my last day!! :)

It’s like the last day of school, but somehow I still overslept an hour?! Today’s treat is not a song and I did not listen to it on my long ride to work.  Today’s selection is about a state of mind…a way of life…and what I’m about to do…what I VOWED, PROMISED myself that I … Continue reading

The Long Ride to Work…Countdown: 2 Days

I am a devoted Saturday Night Live fan and the first time I heard this song was over a skit with Mr. Peepers and Katie Holmes portraying her Dawson’s Creek character, Joey Potter.  I wish I had access to the video to show you because the skit is absolutely HILARIOUS! Today’s selection is: “Babylon” by … Continue reading

The Long Ride to Work…Countdown: 3 Days

I know, I know—He is majorly an asshole BUT an amazing dancer and I really like some of his music!! So don’t hate me for posting this today!!!! Today’s selection is: “Beautiful People” by Chris Brown Official Video 2012 Grammy Performance “Turn Up the Music”/”Beautiful People” Why do I like to jam to this?: I … Continue reading

The Long Ride to Work…Countdown: 4 & 5 Days

Missed my post yesterday, so I am combining the past two days and highlighting two songs from a band you are most likely NOT familiar with unless you stalk out the iTunes Top Ten (which I happen to do that, constantly in search of new music)!  The band is Fun. and they have a really unique … Continue reading

The Long Ride to Work…Countdown: 6 Days

I am dying to have a dance party and today’s selection makes that very clear! Between this and “We Run the Night” I am ready to bust a move and do several embarassing dance moves! Ohhh I cannot wait!! Today’s selection is: “Wild Ones” by Flo Rida feat. Sia Why do I like to jam to this?: … Continue reading

The Long Ride to Work…Countdown: 7 Days

The song I chose today is fly, but I seriously spent an hour trying to figure out the name of the song, etc.  I’ve heard it on the radio, however it is not in the iTunes Top 100 or anything.  I was forced to Google, “singles feat Pitbull 2012” and finally found it! Today’s selection … Continue reading

The Long Ride to Work…Countdown: 8 Days

I don’t know if I am the only one who does this, but I go through phases when it comes to music.  I’ll go through periods of time where I only listen to rap, dance music, etc.  My first semester of my sophomore year in college I went through what my friend/roommate and I jokingly called, my … Continue reading

The Long Drive to Work…Countdown: 9 & 10 Days

Because I missed posting yesterday, I thought this particular song selection would be fitting.  WARNING — you may become severely addicted to both songs! Today’s song is: Take Care by Drake featuring Rihanna …also performed by Florence + the Machine Why do I like to jam to this song?: Because its fabulous!  It is my dream … Continue reading

Somebody That I Used to Know by Gotye (feat. Kimbra)

I was cruisin’ iTunes last night and found this song in the Top Ten…Love it! It is not going to be for everyone, but I’m excited to listen to the rest of their album.  Happy Tuesday! I have to go finish cleaning my house that will no longer be my house tomorrow!! 🙂

The Long Drive to Work…Countdown: 11 Days

Today seriously feels like the last day of school! In a lot of ways it is kind of like that for me: today was the LAST morning that I had to drive from my house in Johnston County, it feels amazing outside, I was blasting country music and I stopped at Bojangles! 🙂  Today feels … Continue reading

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