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The Long Ride to Work…Countdown: 7 Days

The song I chose today is fly, but I seriously spent an hour trying to figure out the name of the song, etc.  I’ve heard it on the radio, however it is not in the iTunes Top 100 or anything.  I was forced to Google, “singles feat Pitbull 2012” and finally found it!

Today’s selection is: We Run the Night by Havana Brown feat. Pitbull

Why do I like to jam to this song?: I love a good dance song and I am about to get my dance on this weekend! I like to get pumped up for the potential dance party a week in advance, find some songs that I can request while out (only to be ignored immediately and never played), and this also helps me to stay awake on my drive to work.

I had not heard of Havana Brown previously but she is pretty hot (love her hair color)! Enjoy!


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