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The Long Drive to Work…Countdown: 11 Days

Today seriously feels like the last day of school! In a lot of ways it is kind of like that for me: today was the LAST morning that I had to drive from my house in Johnston County, it feels amazing outside, I was blasting country music and I stopped at Bojangles! 🙂  Today feels like the beginning of something fabulous… Also I need to add that because I have to eat a lower carb diet (tell you later–not on Atkins or anything, I have insulin resistance issues) I can not eat an entire biscuit at Bojangles and I threw half of it out the window! I am really proud of this so please don’t try to take that from me.  I wish you could have seen the pain on my face, the hesitation as I tossed that biscuit into the street.  That is willpower.  I just needed to share that accomplishment!! 🙂

So…I’ve been listening to my prank call CD (see PowerPoint) and decided to rotate in another old school mix “tape”/CD from high school and I came across a nice little gem from Summer 2002 (almost 10 f’ing years ago!!!).  There was a time in my life when I actually tolerated and enjoyed some country music, and this CD contained some of my faves from that time in my life.  I was really torn on which song to choose for today…both are Kenny Chesney songs and I gauged my choice based on how “in” to the song I got.

Today’s selection is: “Don’t Happen Twice” by Kenny Chesney

Why do I like to jam to this song?: I am pretty sure everyone loves this song–but I don’t know.  I know I have a lot to say about the song, the video, and Kenny Chesney in general!

  • Kenny Chesney really wants us to know he works out.  I get it Kenny…tight jeans, sleeveless shirts, silk (WTF?) shirts… I think this video was maybe about how he rose to fame?  Maybe it was a, “F$#% you! I’m famous and making money, etc.” message to someone (see 3rd bullet).
  • Kenny Chesney looks a lot like Jon Brennan from The Real World (Season 2)
  • Any song that starts with, “I haven’t seen you in forever…” will probably hook me immediately. Ladies back me up on this…if you have ever been overweight or had an awkward phase in your life (I have been fortunate to have prolong periods of both) the thought of seeing someone you had a crush on, picked on you, etc. just pumps me up! Like..”Hey you! Good to see you–F&*$ you!”  In my daydreams I have bigger boobs, a flat stomach, hair down to my ass that is blowing in the wind, and I’m walking in slow motion–and I’m actually not me, I’m Megan Fox.
  • It makes me think about high school and how much I miss it! It is really hard to believe that we graduate ten years ago this June! Scary…

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One thought on “The Long Drive to Work…Countdown: 11 Days

  1. COUNTRY music, eh? I will remember that next time you tell me you HATE it!!! Love the post!

    Posted by Jenna | February 24, 2012, 10:18 am

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