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The Long Ride to Work…Countdown: 14 Days

I am going to attempt to maintain a series called “The Long Ride to Work” for the next couple weeks where I highlight the music I listen to and the random thoughts that accompany my ride to work.

Today’s selection is: “Warning Sign” by Coldplay

I’m a sucker for any soundtrack compiled by Zach Braff.  The soundtracks for Garden State and The Last Kiss are fabosh…possibly better than the movies themselves (The Garden State soundtrack won a Grammy)!! I discovered this Coldplay song on The Last Kiss soundtrack and fell in love.  I like Coldplay, but I don’t have any of their albums and some of their songs I really really hate – ie this gem.  I’m not hating–go ahead and make fun of me about Lady Gaga…I know you are dying to…

Why do I like to jam to this song? I’m going to be honest, so you better not hate–especially because I know you’re doing the same thing!!!  Right now, I like to think all of the guys who dissed me to the face will listen to “Warning Sign” and think, “Damn, that Jamie is the one that got away.” <Insert them crying on their commute to work over me.>  I mean really, I’m the “island”  that they passed on…The overweight, really weird “island” who once tried to memorize the Scream script and destroyed a lip-synch performance by the group Three Wishes (Sorry Liz and Pattie!). “And the truth is” I know they’re kicking themselves for dumping me. 

I love to irrationally relate songs to me life–past, present, and future! Here are the lyrics so you can do the same thing!

And since we’re speaking of Zach Braff…Remember that time he got Punk’d with the help of Murray from Clueless?? Oh man…I was so embarassed for him! AND he is a never nude on top of that!!

Apparently he is a “Never nude”…

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A twenty-something gal trying to make it! On a quest to figure out where I should be and what I am supposed to be doing when I get there...


2 thoughts on “The Long Ride to Work…Countdown: 14 Days

  1. No making fun of Lady Gaga here…totally on your side, you know that! Picturing (specifically) a very very sad commute to work by a certain (short) someone. Yelling, beating on the wheel, big tears, lots of snot…the whole shebang… Love the Scream reference too….BAM, bitch went down, Syd- SUPER BITCH! Love you!!

    Posted by Bailey | February 21, 2012, 8:49 am
  2. Hehehehehehe!

    Posted by Jamie | February 21, 2012, 8:51 am

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