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Friday’s Playlist – Time Travel: 1990

I think music MIGHT be the only thing that gets me through the next couple of weeks…I love the 90’s…I love 90’s music…and I love that Pandora lets me listen to it!! I am way too excited about this damn station. The list below is in no particular order. I did not choose these songs, Pandora chose them for me! Enjoy!

What are your favorite 90’s songs??

PS – Someone at HelloGiggles was obviously feeling the same way this morning!

Love Jamie

1.  Deep Blue Something, Breakfast at Tiffany’s: When this song came on I had NO idea who was singing it.  And when I read Deep Blue Something, I still had no idea who was singing it–and that makes me feel kind of sad because I really loved/love <embarrassing> this song.  Wonder what they’re up to?

2.  Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Mary Jane’s Last Dance: I remember watching this video when I was in elementary school and thinking how cool it was–a short version of Weekend at Bernie’s.  Don’t you think Tom Petty looks like a woman in most of the video? Shortly after this I think one of my older brothers told me about necrophilia. Yikes.

3.  Nirvana, Smells Like Teen Spirit: So I totally remember head banging to this song and hurting my neck so bad I couldn’t go to a roller-skating party.

4. Spin Doctors, Two Princes: The lead singer looks so crazy, but I think THAT might have been cool at the time.  I was too young to really know when the song came out.  I feel like I should be embarrassed that I like this song? Love the cameo by the hat from Blossom.

5. The Verve, Bittersweet Symphony: This song NEVER gets old to me! I immediately think of Cruel Intentions when I hear this song and how my little brother played the part where Ryan Phillipe gets hit by a car over and over again <weird>.

6. Counting Crows, Mr. Jones: Love the song, but I just wanted to mention that the lead singer gets mad hot girls?!? How?? If someone could explain below that would be great.

7. Hootie and the Blowfish, Only Wanna Be With You: Isn’t it funny that Hootie himself sings country music now under the name Darius Rucker? I still call him Hootie and I would probably call him that to his face.  PS – Wanted to embed the music video here, but Hootie has “disabled” that…It would have been a nice trip down memory lane for you.  They were on ESPN Sportscenter and they tried to be athletic but sucked at every sport.  Mugsy Bogues makes an appearance and the drummer is sporting a classic 90’s look–shoulder length hair and a cross earring….MUST WATCH!

8. Tonic, If You Could Only See: Vaguely remember the band Tonic, but totally love this song!

9. Alanis Morrisette, Head Over Feet: MY FAVORITE SONG off Jagged Little Pill. I am pretty sure this was one of my first CD’s AND I still have it! I love her!! This song takes me back to 6th grade…I was so jealous of all my friends who go to see her in concert.

10. Bush, Glycerine: Okay–embarassing story about this one.  So you know when you were younger you didn’t necessarily know the names of songs and the children of the 90’s did not have access to lyrics on the Internet…and because of this, I sang the chorus to this song as, “Kiss of rain…” for an undisclosed amount of time until someone laughed in my face and corrected me.  Say “glycerine” and “kiss of rain”  back-to-back and you’ll see where I was coming from.


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One thought on “Friday’s Playlist – Time Travel: 1990

  1. love love LOVE…these take me BACK!!!

    Posted by Bailey | February 17, 2012, 10:43 am

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