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It’s been a while!

Lady Gaga, Raleigh – September 2011

So I’ve been a “bad kid” lately! It has been FOREVER since I posted and I really want to get back into my blog and putting my thoughts, etc. out there (even if no one reads it!).   I have really gotten into Twitter  lately and have been reading tons of “Fitbloggers” and consequently blogs from UNC interns (we have several here at DPH right now).   I admire all of these folks who maintain these very interesting, organized, and aesthetically pleasing blogs—I want to be one of them damnit!  This blog needs a total makeover!!

So I’m thinking that I am going to start assigning specific topics to each day of the week to help me come up with ideas instead of just relying on the news or something to organically happen.  So if any of you young, savvy, and talented bloggers happens to read this–what do you do?? Do you have a plan or do you just roll with whatever is going on in your life, the world?? HELP a sista’ out!
All you Little Monsters out there might have noticed my post title is from Gaga’s song “Bad Kids”…How much do you love Born This Way??? I have been jamming to this CD NONSTOP! In addition to listening to Born this Way over and over again, I also have Lonely Island featuring Michael Bolton’s “Jack Sparrow” on repeat and “Hold On” by Wilson Phillips (If you have seen Bridesmaids you would understand!)

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A twenty-something gal trying to make it! On a quest to figure out where I should be and what I am supposed to be doing when I get there...


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