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De-Stressing and Eating Our Fruits & Veggies

One thing that is very vital in our journey to lose and maintain weight is our ability to deal with stress.  For some, we may seek food as a means of coping with stress, so it is important to be able to channel this into different outlets like EXERCISE!

YOGA for a lot of people is their exercise of choice to clear their minds and refocus.  Yoga is fantastic and great way to increase flexibility! However, yoga is not for everyone.  I really enjoy yoga, but I have found 2 other ways to deal with my stress: riding my bike and dog walking.

Just about every Friday I bring my bike with me to my NCSU class and ride for an hour after class.  The area surrounding NCSU’s campus has a lot of greenways (no worrying about cars or loose animals) and routes that are not heavily trafficked.  To be able to ride without fear is so wonderful and it just gives me a chance to clear my head and enjoy my surroundings.  I am starting training for a triathlon so my rides probably won’t be as leisurely, but it will still be a good activity for me to clear my head and mentally relax.

Capital Area Greenways

Recently, I started volunteering with Wake County Animal Shelter (not to be confused with the SPCA) and have had a great time! I love dogs (I have 3) and I have been wanting to volunteer, so this really worked out well!  I go to Wake Co. Animal Shelter about twice a week and walk the dogs and take their pictures for the website.  For some reason, I have found this to be incredibly relaxing.  As I said, I have 3 of my own and when we go for walks it is not a relaxing experience, but being here and helping to get these little guys adopted brings my mind peace.  I encourage you to visit their website (www.wakegov.com/pets) if you’re interested in adding another addition to your family or volunteering.  Despite what is said by some people, this shelter truly cares about the animals and works hard to help them find homes.  Here are some pics of some of my 4-legged friends I’ve photographed for the website:





In my classes we talked about fruits and vegetables this week with some AMAZING suggestions from participants in getting adults and kids to EAT THEIR FRUITS & VEGGIES!  Here are some of my favorites that I can remember:

  • add vegetables to your spaghetti sauce or dishes like lasagna by finely chopping things like onions, mushrooms, etc.  I add spinach to mine and you can’t even taste it!;
  • pair fruits and vegetables with dips or sauces (measure out!) to add flavor
  • create works of edible art by using toothpicks–you can make animals, people, etc.–great way to get kids to eat them!!
  • rename fruits and vegetables for kids–broccoli becomes “trees”, cauliflower becomes “clouds”, etc.
  • associate good eating habits (ie eating fruits and vegetables) with sports heroes– For example, “How do you think Peyton Manning got where he is today?? He eats celery and broccoli EVERYDAY!!”

Thank you to all my participants for sharing this suggestions.  I think they are fantastic ideas and hopefully someone else out there will find them to be helpful!

Here are some links I have assembled this week for fruits and vegetables:

Other Random Links

I hope everyone has a fantastic week! Take care ~~ Jamie


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