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Physical Activity & Links for Move More Lesson

Hi all!!

I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend!!

This week in our ESMMWL classes we discussed exercise and the role it plays in helping us to lead a healthy life.  Hopefully this is something that everyone is working on and I hope that you have found something that you enjoy!!!

This week (and in the coming weeks) I am going to be working hard to get in 10,000 steps a day in addition to my daily exercise.  If you are working towards 10,000 steps  your exercise would be included in that count.  I am just trying to be more physically active.

Tonight I will be waiting tables and I am anxious to see how many steps/miles I will be walking.  Yesterday I logged 12,400 steps–many of those coming during my shift waiting tables! I hope that you can find a way to be more active, even if it is walking in place while watching TV or maybe even walking around the house or office while on the phone, whatever it takes 🙂

Pedometer Information:

Heart Rate Information:

  • Maximum Heart Rate (MHR) is the fastest your heart should beat in 1 minute
    • MHR = 220 – age
    • For example, if you are 20 years old, your maximum heart rate is 200
  • Target Heart Rate is the level at which your heart should be beating during exercise to get optimum benefits
    • Your target heart rate is going to be anywhere from 50-85% of your MHR
    • For example, if my MHR = 200, my target heart rate zone is…200(.5) – 200(.85) or 100-170
  • If you do not want to do any math, here is a website that will give you your MHR and Target Heart Rate Zones: http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/target-heart-rate/sm00083

Office Workouts:

Other Links:


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