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Vet visit

Hello world!

Took 2 of my 3 dogs to the vet this morning–what fun that was! Ha!

Started off my day with my usual oatmeal and greek yogurt and strawberries combo.  After my first ESMMWL class at NCSU, I headed over to the YMCA to work out.  I am still a little bit slower and weaker than I was before I got sick, but I am gradually building back up.

I started on the treadmill for a 45-minute run at a 2.5% incline.  The workout goes like this:

  • Minutes 0-5: warm-up
  • Minutes 5-10: 5.5 mph-6.5 mph (gradually increase)
  • Minutes 10-14: 30 secs at 8.5 mph/30 secs 6.2 mph
  • Minutes 14-17: 6.5 mph
  • Minutes 17-27: 7-7.2 mph
  • Minutes 27-28: 3.5 mph
  • Minutes 28-32: 6.2-6.5 mph
  • Minutes 32-36: 7-7.2 mph
  • Minutes 36-37: 3.5 mph
  • Minutes 37-41: 6.2-6.5 mph
  • Minutes 41-45: 7.0-7.5 mph

I have definitely worked up to this over time, starting at 5.5 mph (now at 6.2-6.5 mph) and 6.5 mph (now at 7-7.2 mph).  I try to go up about .1 mph every week or two and/or increase the incline on the treadmill to make it more challenging.

From the treadmill I worked on the bosu doing push-ups, mountain climbers, and then some more ab moves using a medicine ball.  THEN I moved over to the assisted chin-up/pull-up machine.  I have never in my life had the ability/strength to do a pull-up, so that it was I have been working very hard on lately.  I still have to use some “assistance”, but I am slowly getting stronger.  I finished my workout with 10 minutes of the interval setting on the elliptical.


After my last class of the day, I grocery shopped and tried to find the best deals available for the things I needed.  I stopped at Target first to get dog food.  Surprisingly, it was cheaper there than at Food Lion AND I had a coupon.  Next I went to Food Lion, and then Dollar General for some Cheerios.  Luckily these two stores are virtually next door to each other so I didn’t have to travel far.  Cheerios are $2.50 at Dollar General for the week compared to $3.97 at Food Lion AND I had a coupon 🙂

For dinner tonight, I made a modified Chicken Parmesan recipe. I started with my chicken, coating it with a dijon mustard and 1 egg white mixture.  I then threw Fiber 1 cereal (1 1/4 cup) and cornflakes (1/2 cup) into the blender with garlic powder, black pepper, and oregano.  I used this to bread the chicken.  After coating the chicken with the cereal bread crumbs, I baked it in the oven at 375 degrees for 25 minutes.

Cereal Bread Crumbs

After the cereal was blended....

Dijon Mustard + Egg White

Chicken in the oven!

I served my Chicken Parmesan over whole wheat penne pasta with pasta sauce (I added mushrooms), and OF COURSE a bag of vegetables. It was sooooooo good!! I haven’t had pasta in a while and I really really enjoyed this recipe.

Chicken Parmesan

If you prepare this, make sure you pay attention to the pasta’s serving size.  With this particular pasta, the serving size was 3/4 cup dry.  I’m guessing this is about a cup cooked.


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