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It was so much warmer yesterday…

3:22pm: Sitting in my corner at McDonald’s noshing on some carrots and celery.  Had my breakfast casserole this morning for breakfast (with some greek yogurt and strawberries, too) and it was pretty good.  One side of the casserole is kind of burned/crispy, but otherwise it was pretty tasty.  I cooked it on low for 8 hours, but next time will cook it on a higher setting and periodically monitor it to avoid the overcooking.  Last night I put it all together, hit start, and went to bed.

Breakfast casserole...tasted better than it looks!

I’m still not able to workout as normal and it sucks.  I was soooo  sore from the workout that I did last night (10lbs Slimmer Lower) and felt like I could barely move.  I walked on the treadmill building up to a 4% incline at 3.8 mph, and then rode the elliptical for 3o minutes.  Tomorrow morning I usually do a spin class, but I’m not sure if that is going to work out for me.

For my snacks today I have the usual, but instead of a banana an orange.  They are really good.  Heading to my last class of the day!

My snacks...an apple, an orange, celery and carrots with hummus

9:29pm: Feeling worn down still! Hoping to be able to workout in the morning and really would like to go to bed early tonight.  Craving something sweet like no other, and I don’t have any of my Special K cereal left (the chocolate chunk flavor).  Thinking I may have some chai tea or hot cocoa.  Blah 🙂  Lunch with Lauren tomorrow, so I’m excited for that.  We’re going to Noodles and they actually have their nutrition information available online–so you know I’ve already planned that one out!


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