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How one weekend can adversely effect your weight loss…

This past weekend was fabulous: Atlanta to see Britney Spears, Wilmington, NC for a Bachleorette weekend, food, fun, & alcohol.  And then, this morning I step on the scale, only to find that I have gained about 2lbs since my first weigh-in. Great.

Those of you who watch The Biggest Loser know that The Black Team dealt with temptation this past week and it caused their trainer to get a little stressed out.  The Black Team was given 24 hours of luxury and wisked away to a posh hotel in Southern California.  There they indulged in high calorie foods, alcohol, massages, and pedicure.  I am not saying there is ANYTHING wrong with this, but if you’re trying to lose weight, 24 hours of luxury may not be the best prescription.  As their total calories consumed added up on the screen, I was immediately flashed back to my weekend of “luxury”.  In this “luxury” weekend beer and sangria flowed like water, cupcakes provided me the will to carry on, and macaroni and cheese filled my belly before drifting off into dream land.

There are NUMEROUS reasons why you should put down the booze if you’re trying to lose weight. However, one of the first things you need to understand is that ALL ALCOHOL CONTAINS CALORIES.  I think there is a myth that if you drink liquor over beer you’re saving a ton of calories.  No. You’re not.  Let me explain….

1 “drink” =

  • 12 oz of beer (about 90-200 calories)
  • 5 oz of wine (about 105 calories)
  • about an ounce/shot of liquor (about 100 calories)

Alcohol contains about 7 calories per gram–there is no calorie-free alcohol!  So let’s just walk through a typical night on the town, drinking it up, shall we??

8pm: Start drinking…1 light beer = 95 calories

9pm: Socializing with friends… 2 light beers = 190 calories

10pm: Laughing and continued socializing, decide that everyone will take a shot… 2 light beers, 1 shot + chaser (juice) = 340 calories

11pm: Take a cab to the bars, buy a beer immediately… 1 light beer = 95 calories

12am-2am: Started to get tired so only drank 2 more drinks the rest of the night… 2 light beers = 190 calories

2:30am: Have a buzz thus triggering hunger…Make macaroni and cheese upon arriving home….1/2 box Mac & Cheese Prepared =400

TOTALS: 8 beers, 1 shot, 1/2 box of Mac & Cheese (I’m sure many of you do much more damage) = 1310 calories

Keep in mind that total is just the damage you did drinking and eating late night.  So you can see, just from this depiction how much alcohol can effect your weight loss efforts.  Even engaging in drinking ONE night a week can really screw up your weight loss.

If you are going to drink, make sure you set limits for yourself and make smart drink choices.  Try to avoid high calorie mixers and regular beer.  Also, make sure you work out on those days to burn a few of those extra calories you will be consuming.

In reflecting back on the weekend…it was sooo much fun! But, it did set me back in my weight loss efforts.  I will just have to work extra hard this week to burn off those extra calories!


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